Julie Charnet


Special events:

JAZZ WEEK-Friday, April 26, 2019-Paris Bistro and Jazz Cafe with Tom Lawton, Rich Hill, Jon Ball, and Don Evans. Featuring Jazz, Swing, Blues, and more. For more info:


December 31st New Years Eve-Shannondel Valley Forge with Sounds of Swing Big Band. 8-12

September 10 Paris Wine Bar Fairmount with Tom Lawton, Alex Delcourt 9 p.m.

August 25th Paris Bistro and Jazz Cafe-Chestnut Hill, PA with Jim Holton, Rich Hill, Jon Ball, and Jud Aaron

May 30, 2018 The New School, New York On Music and Writing-East Village, New York City.


Join Julie, Tom Lawton, Alex Delcourt, and the gang at Paris Wine Bar

Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 9-Midnight

March 16-Perfect Harmony, Westchester PA

with Tom Lawton and Jon Ball 8-10 p.m.


Some of Julie's early favorites from the swing era can be heard on her release, "Is You Is."  This collection was recorded at Grammy award- winning studios with pianist/arranger-Tom Lawton, tenor-Bootsie Barnes, bass-Madison Rast, drums/percussion-Jon Ball, trumpet/flugelhorn-Sy Platt and Guitar-Randy Sarles. 

Click the iTunes button below to listen. More samples of Julie's recent music are coming soon.

Much has changed since 2009. Julie performs her new diverse selections at live shows. 

Her live shows are where she truly shines and delivers her powerful performance. She brings her lively personal touch to everything from swing and classic favorites to jazz, blues, and more.

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"Guaranteed to please, sit back and enjoy." Amazon.    "Beautiful Style." 88.5 WXPN

"Guaranteed to please, sit back and enjoy." Amazon.

"Beautiful Style." 88.5 WXPN